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Executive Body

Jayanthi Muttupillai
President& Head of Vision Development

In my own words, Women is a wonderful soul created by God so called she is the power “Shakti” (in Tamil) who organizes and manages the family, she is the achiever and goal getter of life. She is a beautiful girl who turns around to be a strong mother with full of responsibilities, multi-talented & showing unconditional love forever. She is a fighter, challenger and never gives up attitude to make life and relationship grow stronger.

Dr. Jayanthi Raj
Secretary General & Head of Mission

” WOMAN were made to stand in their own power to LOVE, CARE and find the TRUTH within their souls. Helping another WOMAN win, cheering, praying and sharing resources with her is the greatest blessing. There is NO LIMIT to what we as WOMAN can accomplish. Empowering WOMAN is selflessness.”

Prof. Mariammah Subramanian
Head of Knowledge Centre and Family Care

“Empowered women are the women of substance, difficult to break and learn from her mistakes. She gathers her strength from her struggle and overcome the obstacles courageously. Empowered women accomplish what she wants even when she is torn apart. She is strong and are the ones building each other up.She is clothed in strength and dignity.”

Datin Malliga Subramaniam
Executive Director & Head of Planning and Development

“Women empowerment is about standing up for yourself and doing the right thing! Along the journey help others to empower themselves. Realizing the full potential of oneself and willing to make hard decisions when need be. Passionate about moving forward and taking time to reflect on lessons learnt from every situation.