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The Chief Architect and Advisor of our WOMEN EMPOWERMENT by Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce is Dr.Palakkal Nagaraj a business entrepreneur turned Social Activist who stands 24/7 for Human Development, Child & Women Empowerment, World Peace & Harmony and Protection of Nature.

Here what he says on “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT “ in Malaysia
“Well, ladies and gentlemen! First of all let me thank people of Malaysia, the Government of Malaysia and specially my Executive Team who had entrusted their unconditional trust within us.

When I flew first time to Malaysia before the Plane Landed, I was fascinated by the charming beauty of Truly Asia the Dynamic Malaysia. I literarily fell in love with the untouched and most abundance quantity of cosmic energy in the Heavenly Malaysia. Even though I had a desire of having Malaysia as a second home but later part and even today I have a deep desire of having the Heavenly Malaysia be my true Home.

Later when I was in and around the town, I felt maybe we could play some role to bring more happiness into families of Malaysian which shall eventually result in a better healthy consciousness, peaceful and harmonial life uniting families together and how people could utilize the cosmic energy in their day to day life.

In between I was glad to meet many good people, also had chances to interact with few other chamber imitativeness and their members. There I happen to meet a women member of one of the chamber unit, who used to take part in all their regular programs and meetings. She had also undertaken overseas trip on behalf of the chamber along with other top members. That too taking leave from her official work and spending money from own pocket. That overseas trip went very fruitful and in reciprocal group of investors were on a visit to Malaysia. Surprisingly the women member of that chamber who had contributed to that chamber group, by all means, leaving her own family, was never intimated about the arrival of that investor’s group. She was sidelined and was avoided from all activity of that group program. She was deep shock. Even though she didn’t express her dissatisfaction I realized she was truly hurt and in deep pain, I could recognize it easily being a humanitarian personnel.

I advised her being a mother, being a wife, being a senior company executive, being unconditional in helping and loving people, I reminded her of their strength, to stand her own strength, the true women power, I made her realized that she is a true fighter, like a Malaysian tiger which stands strong in all circumstances , I strengthened her saying, never give up, have your own chamber, be a leader and be a proud Malaysia and we will stand in all forms to support you. We felt and was in true urge of imparting women empowerment right there in right time as we never want any women to fall, we want their heads up always we want their heart to blossom; their desire , their dream and their vision taking place right here in Malaysia across the world like in an Airplane carrying few more true women on board proudly successfully happily in a healthy peaceful and harmonial lifestyle. May God bless all of us to empower Malaysian women.